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APG Displays offers national coverage from our Orlando and Toronto offices. We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive portfolios of cutting-edge large video display solutions, including a range of exciting, brand new videowall technologies.

APG Displays provides full design and installation services on video walls and large displays to our trade partners. Whether you need displays for broadcast, command and control, visualization rooms, customer experience centers, corporate lobbies, retail, digital signage, or out of home media - we have the products and expertise to help with your project.

We provide specialist distribution services on unique video wall products in North America, through our exclusive Partner Program. We support leading manufacturers: Prysm, Delta Displays, Leyard, Hyper Pixel, NEC, LG, Green Hippo / Aviary with installation, channel sales, and sales support across the USA and Canada.

APG Displays is a unique AV distributor, having sourced some of the best technicians and consultants to support our partners. We have the skill and knowledge to help turn your Audio Visual projects into a reality. We support our partners in the sales and design process from inception to completion.

LED Videowalls

Direct view LED video wall technology is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to deliver seamless images, scalability to any size or shape, and excellent optimal characteristics that make video wall content look great from any angle allowing you to create spectacular, super-high resolution videowalls. Direct view LED displays are comprised of several smaller LED screens mounted on a flat panel.

When installing an LED video wall, it is important to keep in mind the average viewing distance. Since most LED panels will not scale, the number of pixels is your resolution. The closer people are, the finer the pixel pitch needed.

LCD Videowalls

Create near seamless videowalls in any size or shape.  LCD video walls require minimal space, are easy to install, and provide excellent image quality.  Solutions feature narrow bezels, slim installation depths and flexible mounting systems.

Although LCD video walls are tiled like LEDs, there are spaces in-between the displays known as "bezels."

LPD Videowalls

Laser Phosphor Display, or LPD, is the groundbreaking display technology and large format display platform invented by Prysm. It is the core of all Prysm Digital Display Solutions, and to many, it represents the next generation of large format digital displays. LPD consists of 3 main parts: the Laser Engine, the Laser Processor, and the Phosphor Panel.

OLED Displays

OLEDs are emissive displays that do not require a backlight and so are thinner and more efficient than LCD displays (which do require a white backlight). They provide the best image quality ever and they can also be made transparent, flexible, foldable and even rollable and stretchable in the future. OLEDs represent the future of display technology!

LCD Large-Format Displays

APG Displays supplies a full range of large format displays from 32" to 98", as well as a range of stands and mounts to suit all applications.

Touchscreens & Interactive Kiosks

There are many benefits in selecting a display with touch screen technology. Touch technology provides a fast and intuitive interface for users and simplify customer interactions. Users do not have to know how to use a computer and can simply touch the display to make selections.

Outdoor & Weatherproof Displays

Weatherproof outdoor LCDs which are specially designed to come into contact with rain, condensation, wind, and direct sun. It has an extra protection with all of its components being cased and sealed to keep air and water out.

Rear Projection

Laser Projection

Laser projection is the ideal choice for corporate spaces, educational institutions, retail environments, government facilities and small-mid size theatres where long life, minimal maintenance and a low cost of operation are paramount.

Video Processors & Players

Video wall controllers and video processors make managing content and information across multiple screens easy.  They are the main components of any device generating a video signal. Controllers perfectly enables displaying any type of video and data sources on any display configuration. 

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