Christie HS Series Laser Projectors


The Christie® HS Series consists of our highest-performance 1DLP® laser projectors yet. Ranging in brightness levels from 7,000-20,000 lumens and resolutions including WUXGA, HD and 4K UHD, the HS Series offers a powerful, reliable and cost-effective option for almost any high-use application. Setting benchmarks in brightness, color accuracy, power requirements, and form factor, the HS Series pushes the envelope of what’s possible with 1DLP technology.



Projector name





​Christie 4K7-HS 2716 x 1528​ ISO 7,600
ANSI 7,000​
1200:1​ Solid state (Laser)​
Christie 4K10-HS​​ 2716 x 1528​ ISO 11,000
ANSI 10,000​
1200:1​ Solid state (Laser)​​
Christie D13HD-HS​ 1920 x 1080 ISO 13,000
ANSI 11,500​​

Solid state (Laser​​​)

Christie D13WU-HS 1920 x 1200 ISO 13,500
ANSI 12,000

Solid state (Laser)

​​Christi​e D16HD-HS ​1920 x 1080 ​ISO 15,750
ANSI 14,000
​​1200:1 ​Solid state (Laser)
​Christie D16WU-HS ​1920 x 1200 ​ISO 17,400
ANSI 15,500
​1200:1 ​Solid state (Laser)​
​Christie D20HD-HS ​​1920 x 1080 ​ISO 18,500
ANSI 16,500
​1200:1 ​Solid state (Laser)​
​Christie D20WU-HS ​1920 x 1200 ​ISO 20,600
ANSI 18,500
​1200:1 ​Solid state (Laser)​


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