Christie MicroTiles


Christie® MicroTiles® are the ultimate digital canvas –  providing amazing image quality, vibrant, true-to-life colors, brilliant displays and the flexibility to design in any shape or size.

Combining the strengths of DLP® and LED technology, Christie MicroTiles have higher resolution, brighter images and a much wider color palette than conventional LCD displays. With tiny seams and no practical limit to the number of tiles in a display, Christie MicroTiles produce a nearly seamless canvas of super-fine pixels. Images look amazing at any angle and viewing distance – even close up.

Specifically designed for the most demanding, high-ambient light environments, Christie MicroTiles deliver:

• spectacular colors
• super-fine resolution
• high-brightness images
• modular flexibility
• nearly seamless tiling
• reliable 24/7 operation
• sustainable design features
• low total cost of ownership


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Technical Specifications

Screen size
Native Resolution (per tile)
720 x 540
Pixel Pitch
0.567 x 0.567mm

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