LG 88” Ultra-Stretch Screen

The LG 88” Ultra-Stretch Screen (88BH7D) is a new signage format with a 32:9 “stretch” widescreen aspect ratio plus Ultra HD 4K resolution. Turn heads and engage customers as never before with installations that can maximize this dramatic effect in a variety of new ways. A work of art in itself, the Ultra-Stretch 88BH7D elevates virtually any space.

Ultra-Stretch Signage delivers seamless content as an in-store signboard, digital banner and more, thanks to its generous aspect ratio. Installed on a wall, on a pillar or perhaps over the entrance, it adds premium style while uniquely engaging with all who behold its striking form factor.


  • Ultra HD Resolution (3,840 x 1,080)
  • 32:9 Extended Wide Format
  • PBP with Four Divisions in Landscape or Portrait
  • 32:9 Content Editing
  • Multimedia Content Creation
  • Lateral Tiling with Daisy Chain


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Technical Specifications

Screen size
Native Resolution
3,840 x 1,080 (UHD)
Aspect Ratio
4.4 mm (L/R), 5.9 mm (T/B)
103.9 mm

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